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Hip Hop Drum Machine Tutorial | Use Impact like FL Studio Apr 17, 2015

Make a beat with Studio one and IMPACT! Here is how to configure Presonus stock plugin IMPACT into working like FL Studio's step sequencer! Add me up Twitter: @craftmaster3 Keep it simple, but DON'T BE BASIC...

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How to Use NI Studio Drummer with Studio One Apr 17, 2015

In this quick edition we answer a question from the Presonus Studio One Forum. I received a PM from a user asking how to import the preset grooves from Studio Drummer on to the arrange window as a MIDI region. We answer that...

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Secret Hit RnB Chord Formula Apr 17, 2015

Make a beat with the secret HIT RnB Chord Formula In this tutorial we look at how to EASILY craft a smooth RnB vibe using just the piano roll. You don't need to be a skilled piano player to lay down smooth, complex,...

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How to Find the BPM of Any Track Apr 17, 2015

Make a beat with Presonus Studio One In this tutorial we look at how to find the tempo of ANY .wav or .mp3 file. This useful method is priceless when working on a remix or remake. It also is extremely useful when recording...

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The Craftmaster is a producer/ composer who has been born and raised in Miami, Florida, a diverse city whose influences can be found throughout his music. CMP is self-taught and well versed in Pro Tools, FL Studio, Studio One, and a host of other DAW’s. The Craftmaster is currently registered with BMI as a songwriter/ composer.