Here at Producer Courses we are dedicated to helping you unlock your potential as an artist. We focus on all aspects of production with an emphasis on current Hip Hop, RnB, & Trap Music. Our techniques can be used in any DAW. If you have been looking for help becoming the producer and sampler maker you know you can be, you have come to the right site.

100 Percent User Requested Content

Producer Courses is a community driven site. That means every piece of content is a direct request from our community via the Discord or DM sent to CMP.  Nothing is off limits, if you want to see how to make salsa influenced polka in Abelton Live all you have to do is ask in the video request room on Discord or shoot CMP a DM.  The Discord is filled with knowledgable producers like you ready to help, you can even find the creator team there ready to lend a helping hand. We also include the midi files to our lessons in a community dropbox which wind up being great arrangement and genre cheat codes when you load them up. Its almost SIX years worth of MIDI available!  

Our Lessons Include

Mixing With a Reference Track, Nas Dedication Sample Making, 808 sidechain and Mixing, How to use MPC Beats without a Controller, Make Beat Butcha Filth Lewps, How to Make Custom Drill 808's, 2022 Arrangements, How to Hear Compression, Flipping 2000's samples with Bounce Drums, EZbass Uncovered, Compose Like Cameone, Pooh Shietsty Type Beats, The Key to Melody and Basslines, How to Interpolate hit Records, Mixing Poorly Tracked Vocals, TnTXD type beats (Wah Guitars with VSTS no Samples or oneshots) , Uptempo Beats, How to Mix 808's for Cellphones, NBA Young Boy Guitar Vst Tutorial, El Micheals Style Composition.

Free Beginner Series

Get up and running making your first PROFESSIONAL sounding beat in under an hour with our FREE beginner series on our youtube channel Craftmaster Productions!

Beginner Tutorials

Producer Courses will have you up to date with the latest cutting edge production techniques no matter your skill level. Powered by the knowledgeable production company Craftmaster Productions you will receive real life studio relevant advice on how to make better beats.

Advanced Tutorials

As producers we know the importance of the intellectual grind and well as the physical grind.  The only way to stay on top is to keep progressing and learn new to methods to compete with the most talented individuals. We offer cutting edge content so that you wont just learn how someone made yesterday’s hit, but how you can make tomorrow’s!

Sound Design Tutorials

Along with knowing your DAW and being up to date with the latest production techniques, it is essential to your success to learn some basic sound design. Once again the guys at Studio One Tutorials have you covered!

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The Craftmaster is a producer/ composer who has been born and raised in Miami, Florida, a diverse city whose influences can be found throughout his music. CMP is self-taught and well versed in Pro Tools, FL Studio, Studio One, and a host of other DAW’s. The Craftmaster is currently registered with BMI as a songwriter/ composer.