The Tools You Need To Build A Sample Making Empire

 STOP trying to sell 100 beats for 50 cents. Get into creating what the music industry ACTUALLY needs....Hi Quality Samples.

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It's NOT a question of IF a producer uses samples


It's a question of Who's samples and loops do they use


With an endless amount of packs dropping on splice and looperman how do you stand out?


How do you attract noteriety, income, and all the analog gear you can play?


Isn't the sample maker market over saturated anyway?


We have all asked ourselves these questions. But with alot of time and effort spent dropping free packs on youtube, and cold DMing famous producers you have finally broken through and made the progress you have envisioned....


Well, not really....


Do you find there are still days when you feel like your musical journey has no direction?


What does it take to be a full time musician or just to monetize your original music?


Are you tired of making 808 based music just because "It sells"?


You know what else sells?




SampleClass is your answer to recieving a MASTER LEVEL Education in Music Composition with a minor in Branding, Graphic Design, and E-commerce, and audio engineering.

Learn Professional Effect Chains

CMP will demonstrate how to properly route audio from your DAW to your hardware for amazing and unique results.

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No Hardware? No Problem?

CMP will show you how to get the most out of your plugins so you can start bringing in the type of income that will make buying gear a breeze.

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Isn't All This On Youtube?


There is no place on the internet where you can find the information at this quality, presented in a simple and direct fashion, that will take you from chord progression to composition, to CASH

In SampleClass CMP provides the most extensive foundation for music composition and the business of selling samples EVER.

Packed with over 45 in depth lessons, SampleClass will teach you:

  • The ultimate sample maker template for any daw
  • Finding inspiration
  • Using analog synths, effects, and guitar pedals
  • Functional sound design
  • How to make your daw work like a console
  • Sample maker effect chains
  • How to extrapolate vibes from classic songs without sounding like those songs
  • How to make a complex composition by starting with one chords
  • Effortless melodic composition and how to build chords around these melodies
  • Multiple music theory and melody hacks to help when ideas are low
  • Creating one shots
  • Sleeper vsts to use your one shots with
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Composition arrangement
  • Cover design in photoshop
  • How to build your own site like

Modern Cover Tutorials

CMP shows you where to find the latest assets to create modern art for your kits.

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Vintage Cover Tutorials

Learn the secret source of inspiration for 99.9% of all vintage cover art. This will make people MAD.

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Music Producers like you that are pursuing MORE Creative Freedom, MORE Income, MORE Placements and MORE Gear need MORE than just a series of guitar and flute tutorials.

Unlike any sample maker tutorials, CMP is giving you all of his knowledge and insight on how to build your OWN sample making business to give you MORE of what you need.


Learn simple formulas aid in the creation of addictive compositions producers will want to use!



Create music beyond your current skill level with a little help from AI. Your favorites already do...


Meet Your Instructor

CMP is a composer, beat maker, and YouTuber with over 27,000 subscribers and +3 million views.  Hailing from Miami, FL CMP has used his 20+ years recording, mixing, and producing, music working with artists like Gunplay and Kevin Gates.

Through his informative YouTube videos he has built a loyal following that has attracted the attention of music brands such as Chase Bliss, Presonus, Serato, Plug In Boutique, Scaler, Splice,, Cable Guys, Izotope, Akai, and Many More!

As a sample maker since 2011 CMP has had his content featured in Presonus Studio One, Slooply, and various other platforms before starting his own site

s a m p l e . c l a s s

4 payments of just 99$

SampleClass 497$ but we are giving the first 100 students $100 off AND a monthly payment plan!

  • The SampleClass-course (value: 497$)!
  • The full "Chords for Scaler"-series from Included is Trap Chords for Scaler 1-3, and Soul Chords for Scaler! Over 100 dollar value!
  • The "Total Midi Bundle" (usually sold for 173$)!

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CMP is a producer/ composer who has been born and raised in Miami, Florida, a diverse city whose influences can be found throughout his music. CMP is self-taught and well versed in Pro Tools, FL Studio, Studio One, and a host of other DAW’s. His site currently employs 6 sample markers aside from himself.